Barbara Rupik's graduation film Such Miracles Do Happen was recognised by the jury of the Bulgarian festival In The Palace. The film won the award for Best Student Animation Film.

Last Saturday, the twenty-first edition of the In The Palace International Short Film Festival concluded in Pernik, Bulgaria. One of the winners of this year's edition was the animated film Such Miracles Do Happen, directed by Barbara Rupik and produced by the Łódź Film School. The jurors decided to award the film the title of Best Student Animation Film.

Such Miracles Do Happen maintains an oneiric aesthetic characteristic of Rupik's output. Its protagonists are figures from roadside chapels that come to life one day. They leave their pedestals and leisurely move forward, all heading in the same direction. They don't stop even for a moment. People are observing this phenomenon with growing unease. No one knows why the figures are moving and where they are going. Only a little girl, with a boneless body, marvels at this procession of unusual characters.

The complete list of awarded films can be found on the festival's website.