The prestigious Eurimages Co-production Development award went to the producers of the animated film "Of Unwanted Things and People." On the Polish side, WJTeam/Likaon is involved in the project.

Cartoon Movie is the largest pitching of feature-length animated films in the world. The event, the first edition of which was held in 1999, is the meeting place for producers, investors and distributors from around the world. The producers, presenting their work-in-progress films in the pitchings, have the opportunity to reach a wide group of professionals and to find potential partners interested in the project, both in the field of production and distribution.

The feature-length animated film "Of Unwanted Things and People" will be a family film made using the stop motion puppet animation technique. The main protagonist is a likeable elderly writer who had children late in his life. When his children run around the house, he wonders what happens if he suddenly dies and does not live to see the day when they grow up. What should he bequeath them? He starts writing an extraordinary novel which may do his children a service later on.

Four countries are involved in the award-winning project: Poland (WJTeam/Likaon), Slovakia (Artichoke), Slovenia (ZVVIKS) and the Czech Republic(Maur Film).

This year's edition of the Cartoon Movie is held from the 5th of March to the 7th of March in Bordeaux.

You can find more about this event here.