The film by Marta Pajek won the Special Mention at the Anim'est International Animation Festival in Romania.

The Romanian ANIM’EST started in 2006 and immediately won the hearts of the inhabitants of Bucharest. The festival presents animated films from around the world in six competition sections. In addition to film screenings, there are also concerts, workshops, industry meetings and discussion panels at the festival.

The protagonists of the film "III" are a woman and a man, both middle-aged, who meet in a waiting room. Slowly, they come closer to each other. He helps the woman to take off a heavy black fur which covers her naked body. This is how the game they play together starts: they alternatively seduce and expose each other. Their hands go as far as to the inside of their bodies, the organs of which resemble the forms of plants.

In addition to the award-winning animated film by Marta Pajek, "Squaring the Circle" by Karolina Specht was also shown in the competition at the Romanian festival.

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