In two months International Animation Festival will begin in Ottawa. Four Polish short animations were included in the competition.

Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) is the oldest and most important festival devoted to animation in North America. The Canadian festival began in 1976 with the first edition of the International Animation Festival, which at that time was organized once every two years.

2469 films from 84 countries were submitted to this year's edition of the festival and only 117 titles were selected. Four Polish short animations were included in the competition sections: "III" by Marta Pajek, "Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska, "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska and "Nebula" by Marcin Nowrotek.

Marta Pajek's film "III" was selected to the Narrative Short Animation category. The film produced by Animoon is the third part of the "Impossible Figures and Other Stories" triptych. "III" is a portrait of a woman in an uneasy and exhausting relation with a man, which pulls closer and pushes away with the same strength.

"Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska was invited to the Student Animation section. The animation tells a story of people waiting at the bus stop on a sunny day. Suddenly more and more of them start to sneeze. The epidemic breaks out. However, in the midst of the sneezing chaos, it turns out that the worst thing you can do is to get sick of yourself.

Karina Paciorkowska's "You Are Overreacting" will be presented in the same category as Paulina's film. The animation, though very colourful, is an incredibly bitter story about hardships of women's everyday life.

Marcin Nawrotek's film "Nebula" was selected to the Non-Narrative Short Animation category. The abstract production combines 3D animation and recordings of jazz musicians transferred to the film thanks to an immensely time-consuming technique of rotoscoping.

This year's edition of the festival will take place September 26th - 30th.

The full list of the selected films is available here.