14 Polish animations will be presented this year in the competition and out-of-competition screenings of the Krakow Film Festival.

Marta Pajek's animation "III" will compete for the Golden Dragon award in the international short film competition. Marta Pajek in the last part of her triptych comes back to the idea of an impossible figure which this time illustrates relations between men and women. The full of eroticism animation fills you with desire, fires your imagination and gives you the shivers.

The latest animations will be shown in the national competition. “Bernard by Anna Oparkowska is a short story about solitude, maladjustment and desperate need for contact, taking place in the austere winter scenery. “Mud” by Alicja Błaszczyńska is a gloomy animation, resembling a fairy tale or a horror, about the effects of the rejection in love. “Christ of Nation” directed by Ewa Drzewicka is a satire on “true" heroes-patriots, unexplained catastrophe and a city suffocating in smog. “Colaholic” by Marcin Podolec is a combination of a journal of someone who drinks way too many sweet carbonated drinks, a documentary and a romantic comedy. “The Other” by Marta Magnuska is an animated thriller about the feeling of hatred fuelled by the fear of the other. “Masterclass” directed by Ewa Drzewicka, Grażyna Trela, Dominika Fedko, Weronika Kuc, Małgorzata Jachna, Małgorzata Jędrzejec and Aleksandra Rylewicz shows the process of making of an author and the following slips and mistakes he has to make to achieve mastery. “Ant Gets Married” by Michał Poniedzielski is a story of an ant exhausted by the corporate lifestyle who decides to get married. “Bless You!” by Paulina Ziółkowska is a short, concise and funny story which proves that every interaction with another person leaves a trace. “Eatself” by Edyta Adamczak is a grotesque animation about what lands on our plates. Not only for people with nerves of steel and vegetarians. In “Connoisseur by Daria Godyń the falling Icarus becomes a symbol of the protagonist's fall. When his life is stuck in one place he starts to travel inside his own soul.

Two films will be presented in the Polish panorama. While implementing the surrealistic technique, the animation "Room" by Michał Socha talks about the passing time and a seemingly hopeless situation. "Loneliness" by Igor Kawecki and Betina Bożek, based on a short story by Bruno Schulz with the same title, is a compilation of the literary world and personal emotions and experiences of the authors.

In the Kids&Youth programme the audience will see Żubr Pompik (Pompik the Bison) directed by Wiesław Zięba.

Five Polish animations in production will be presented during Animated in Poland pitching at Krakow Film Festival. Selected projects: My Franciszek – dir. Katarzyna K. Pieróg, prod. University of the Arts Poznan, Red Light Train – dir. Alicja Kot, prod. Animated Film Studio Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, The Flood – dir. Sofya Nabok, prod. Likaon Sp. z o.o., The Hunt – dir. Mateusz Jarmulski, prod. Animoon sp. z o.o., The Land of Whim – dir. Betina Bożek, prod. Animated Film Studio Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Filmmakers and producers will have a chance to meet experts, eager to advice or decide on their movies’ fate.

The 58th Krakow Film Festival will take place May 28 – June 3, 2018.