This week the next edition of the StopTrik International Film Festival begins. The festival will take place in Slovenia in October and in Poland in November.

StopTrik IFF is an international stop motion animation festival, which came to life in the squat alternative culture centre in Maribor in 2011. Since 2012 the festival was enriched by practical workshops of stop motion animation and international short animation competition. StopTrik is an open space for everyone to freely share inspirations and learn the creative skills. It is a "cinephilic" celebration enabling authentic dialog between artists and audience. At this time StopTrik IFF is the only European stop motion animation festival. It is not only devoted to art of stop motion, with the achievements of the filmmakers from the whole world being presented, but also an exchange and promotional platform for this very special artistic form. Throughout the whole year StopTrik IFF organizes presentations of the "Best of StopTrik" programme at the various film festivals and cultural events, hosts screenings of the outstanding and intriguing film programmes in the festival venues and promotes Polish and Slovenian animation abroad.

This year the main theme will be Latin American animated production. Films from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Puerto Rico will take the audience on a journey into very often surreal worlds, where bitter-sweet metaphor follows dramatic calls for the rebellion, emancipation, and eventually social empathy. Apart from the film sections the festival will host events like e.g. the presentation of the distribution project of the artistic short films "Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded" and audiovisual performance of a group "Demonis Latinos" - both initiatives were initiated by the organizers of one of the most interesting Polish short film festivals - ŻubrOFFka IFF in Białystok. 

International Stop Motion Competition and the Borderlands Competition will take place in Maribor between  5th -8th October 2017, and in Łódź between 10th - 12th November 2017.

The 7th edition of the festival in Maribor is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ljubljana, Slovenian Film Centre and Municipality of Maribor.

The festival organizer in Slovenia is Pekarna magdalenske mreže; the Łódź edition will take place in Bodo Cinema.

There are a few Polish animations in the festival competition: "Banquet" by Julia Orlik, "With the Artist's Kind Permission" by Piotr Bosacki, "Echo" by Kamila Kasprzykowska, "Phobia" by Agnieszka Konarska, "Sexy Laundry" by Izabela Plucińska, "Traces of Ephemeral" by Agnieszka Waszczeniuk, "The Escape" by Jarosław Konopka, "Incarnation" by Barbara Rupik.

The full festival programme available at the website

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