In the programme of the 57th Krakow Film Festival, there is also a comprehensive retrospective of the works by this year's Dragon of Dragons award-winners, and the artists' master classes: on the 31st of May and on the 2nd of June.

31.05.2017 – 12.30 – 13.30 – MOS 2


During the master class, Daniel Szczechura will talk about his work in the context of the 70th anniversary of Polish animated film, which falls this year. The Master's guest is Paweł Sitkiewicz, the author of the book "Polska szkoła animacji" (Polish school of animated film) in which he describes the times of great successes of Polish animated films in Europe and all over the world. The participants will have a chance to watch the film "Daniel Szczechura. Notacje," in which the artist tells us about his first amateur film, the film study "Konflikty," his work in Se-Ma-For and about the role of music in animated film, the great importance of cafes in social and artistic life. The meeting will be hosted by Jerzy Armata.

2.06.2017 – 12.00 – 13.00 – KINO POD BARANAMI

During a conversation with the viewers about his animation technique and the role of colour and sound in his films, Witold Giersz will show how oil painting animation looks like. Under the eye of the camera, the winner of the Dragon of Dragons award will make a series of drawings, presenting a galloping horse. The whole process of painting with a palette-knife and paint will be visible on the cinema screen, the audience will see the gallop of the painted horse which will already be in motion. During painting, Witold Giersz will be talking to the viewers all the time.