Krakow Film Festival, Polish Filmmakers Association and Polish Film Institute invite you to the inauguration of the 70th anniversary of Polish animated film, which is held on the 30th of May.

The 30th of May promises to be extremely interesting for all enthusiasts of Polish animated film, participating in the 57th Krakow Film Festival. Below, we present the schedule of the day, concerned with the events related to animated film.

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, ul. Rajska 12

10.00 - MOS 3

New perspectives for animated film industry - a meeting dedicated to new chances for Polish animated film. Invitation to the consultation of European strategy for producing animated film, programmes supporting the production of films for children and teenagers, and a conversation about long-term plan of development of the animated film market. Discussion panel organised by SPPA (Polish Animation Producers Association) with the participation of Robert Baliński (PISF - Polish Film Institute ), Alicja Grawon - Jaksik (KIPA - Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce), Robert Jaszczurowski (SPPA) and Wojciech Leszczyński (SPPA).

11.00 - MOS 3

The Sponsorship Programme of Polish Film - during the session, the means and conditions of joining the Programme will be discussed, as well as services addressed to the producers of 3D animated films and the producers of special effects will be presented, which can be used on preferential terms.  A discussion is planned, as well as comments from the participants, regarding the development of the offered services and adjusting them to the needs of contemporary film. A discussion panel, organised by SPPA with the participation of Michał Findeisen (National Centre for Nuclear Research) and Robert Baliński (PISF).


Robert Sowa will talk with Renata Gąsiorowska, the director of the film "Pussy" and with Zbigniew Czapla, the director of the film "Strange Case."

12.00 - MOS 2

The Pitching "Animated in Poland" - presentation of Polish short animated films at the last stage of production, addressed to international film industry professionals - festival programmers, sales agents, distributors and representatives of film institutions.

For the fifth time, in the programme of KFF Industry, there will be a special event dedicated exclusively to animated film. The presentation ANIMATED IN POLAND will show what the coming months will bring to the animated film genre, and will let us take a look at the short animated films which are currently in production. The representatives of eight selected projects will present their films before they are sent to the selections of film festivals all over the world.

The presentation will be hosted by Zofia Jaroszuk. You can find more information about the projects here.

The building on ul. Sarego 12

17.00 Unveiling of the memorial plaque, designed by Prof. Andrzej Zwolak, dedicated to Yoram Gross, the maker and producer of animated films.

Kino Pod Baranami, Rynek Główny 27

19.00 In memory of Yoram Gross: The screening of films: "Krakowska jesień," dir. Yoram Gross, Australia 10' "Krakowiaczek ci ja," dir. Tomasz Magierski, Poland, the USA 75'

Kino Kijów.Centrum, Al. Krasińskiego 34

20.00 The award ceremony and handing the Dragon of Dragons to Daniel Szczechura and Witold Giersz and the screening of films:

"Czerwone i czarne," dir. Witold Giersz, 1963, 7'

"Fotel," dir. Daniel Szczechura, 1963, 6'

"Pożar," dir. Witold Giersz, 1975, 8'

"Wykres," dir. Daniel Szczechura, 1966, 3'

"Signum," dir. Witold Giersz, 2015, 14'

"Hobby," dir. Daniel Szczechura, 1968, 7'

Klub Feniks, ul. Św. Jana 2

22.00 - The Animated Film Banquet